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In the mid 1990’s the Iowa Board of Regents designated Lang Hall, the oldest building on campus, for a complete renovation. The Department of Communication Studies was then selected to be the “anchor’ academic department in the building following its renovation. As a part of the renovation process, designated spaces for brand new state of the art Interpreters Theatre production facilities were included in the Lang Hall design.

Our new production spaces, completed in 2001 and located on the ground floor of Lang Hall, include a black box theatre for staging performances, a state of the art technical booth, a fully equipped scene shop for storage and construction of sets, a green room, and a makeup and costume changing room.

In addition, the program was provided with state of the art lighting, audio and multi-media equipment, scene shop hand and power tools, and audience risers and chairs to further facilitate our work. These spaces and equipment provide all the furnishings we need to do exceptional work in the areas of research and creative work.

Factors such as these state of the art designated spaces for Performance Studies production, our three fully credentialed, tenured Performance Studies faculty, and the quality of the Performance Studies undergraduate and graduate classes we offer make our production program one of the finest in the country.


How to reserve Studio 40 for appropriate use

Studio 40, the UNI Interpreters Theatre, has a very full slate of use at all times during the calendar year. Technical work is conducted, rehearsals for productions are held, and classes take place in the space on a regular basis.

Requests for use of the space are considered on a case-by-case basis, and are granted or rejected based on the scheduled use of the space by Drs. Mitchell and Siddens.

If you wish to attempt to reserve Studio 40 for an appropriate university related event please click on the link below and return the form to Dr. Siddens. He will notify you of the availability of the space.

Please be advised that it will likely be necessary for your group to pay for the use of a student technician to assist you with your event in the space. This usually consists of a fee of $100.00 to $150.00.

Click here to fill out the LANG 040 event use form



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